BOOKS 2023

The Royal Abduction

Prom Theory

Designing Happily Ever After

Kim Jiyoung Born 1982

Night At The Medical Campus

The Homing Pigeons

Scarred Earth

Fakedates And Mooncakes

Lockdown Romance

The Ikigai Journey

A Poet's Ballad: A Crossword Mystery

I Will Win Without War

The Match


Operation Dragonfire 

Chirps; Small Concepts, Big Impact!

Operation Hellfire

Operation Tigerhunt 

Love On The Brain 

The Love Hypothesis 

Before Your Memory Fades

From The Womb Of Darkness

Before The Coffee Gets Cold Book 2 

Will I Get A Second Chance? 




The Book Of Ichigo Ichie

Enerzies Your Mind 

The Sinister Silence 

Life's Amazing Secrets 

Friendship Bites 

How To Kiss Your Bestfriend

The Housemate 

The Girl In The House

Sweet Bean Paste 

The Secret Escape To A New Life 

Starfish Pickle 

A Heart Full Of Hope 

Before The Coffee Gets Cold 

When Strangers Meet

The Temporary Roomie

Book Lovers 

I Want To Die But I Want To Eat Tteokbokki 

Fearless & Free

Health Secrets From The Great Gurus 

Fitness Habits 

You And Me On Vacation 

The Panipuri Crimes 

Twisted Temptations 

Ties Of Blood

Beach Read


Stolen Legacies

The Hundred Million Bet 

Heart On The Edge

The Highway Murders

Death In The Walled City

For One More Day 

Chase Your Life Dreams 

The Art Of Habit Mastery 

Lost Girl 

Ashvamedha: The Game Of Power 

Broken Dreams: A Callipur Murder Mystery

Messed Up!! But All For Love 

Not Without Your Love 

Sunset Of Blacks 

30 Powerful Women 

The Five People You Meet In Heaven 

Tuesdays With Morrie

The Red Spy 

Show Me The Money 

The Journey Of Our Love 

The Diary Of My Love 

The Royal scandal 

The Off Limits Rule 

Samsara: Enter The Valley Of Gods

Gift Me A New Beginning 

Never Ask For A Kiss 

The Alchemist