• "Dreams are not what you see with eyes closed in your sleep. Dreams are the visions of your purpose in life that awaken you from slumber. "
  • "Don't get very excited in life when things are easy. there is a catch somewhere that we are missing. one mistake and everything you build in your life comes crashing down. stay humble, stay grounded, be consistent at what keeps you successful in what you do. "
  • "The sound of the heartbreaking is a profound silence. it's the silence before a massive storm. "
  • "Don't just give up, blame destiny, sit there and keep crying. Keep moving ahead, one step after another. "
  • "A Failure is an opportunity in disguise for us to fulfil our dreams. we just have to see it that way, make the most of it and come back stronger. "
  • "Make your failure your Guru in life. Put it on a pedestal. Display it in a place of worship, in a physical space or the temple of your heart. "
  • "Always feel grateful for what you have, instead of feeling deprived for what you do not have. The attitude will help you keep moving ahead in life, aspiring for more."
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