Ex A Twisted Love Story

          "A momentary presence of a person, at times, can comfortably numb his absence in your life.”

          “People have a special power of sniffing other's problem, and relaying a distorted version of it to the world.”

          “If the one you love doesn't make you fall in love with him again and again, then you were never in love with that person to begin with.”

That Kiss In The Rain 

          “I was in love once and I am in love now… but luckily with the same person”

          “Love happens once – you get it or you lose it but be rest assured, you never come out of it.”

          “half the headaches in a man's life involve woman and half the heartaches in a woman's life are because of a man.”

          “Almost ninety nine percent of relationships break because at least one of the two shows dishonesty – in whatever form or degree – towards it.”

          “Love is the reason to remain sane all life and yet it is an excuse to be insane in all the moments that make up a life.”

          “You are the minute hand and I am the hour hand. The female said and continued, “You move that’s why I move.” “And what about the second hand?” The man queried. “That’s our love for each other. We move because, and only if, it moves.”

Marry Me, Stranger 

          “Love is when someone else protects you from your own self.”

          “If love is based on priorities and conditions, it can certainly die because priorities and conditions keep changing in life all the time.”

          “love can give you is how to live a complete life by accepting its incomplete ways.”

          “Honesty is the essence of every successful relationship.”

          "Human beings are designed in a way that they always live with one half of their self in the past and the other half in the present. "

          "Love doesn't always happen to strengthen our beliefs. Sometimes it happens to destroy all our previous beliefs and faith and gives us a chance to re-look at our own conclusions."

          "We all are designed to remember things. So, if you try to forget, you will suffer. Accept and you shall shine like never before. The greatest lesson love can give you is how to live a complete life by accepting its incomplete ways. If you can’t hope in love, you can’t live."

          "Accidents happen Mini but that doesn't mean you stop travelling."

          "Sometimes we confuse need and necessity, I guess. Necessity is common to all but need is person-specific."

          "What to do when you are in love with the journey but at the same time scared of the undesirable destination which you know is going to arrive sooner or later?"

          "Sometimes we lie not to cover the truth but to cover that side of us which the truth may strip to bareness.” 

          “She knew well-enough that this getting-used-to is to a relationship what pollution is to air—nothing happens immediately, but when you inhale the polluted air for long, you make yourself vulnerable to sickness.”

          “A kiss means a part of me will forever trust you. A kiss means a part of you will forever reside in me. A kiss means a part of us will forever forgive each other.”

 All Yours, Stranger: Some Mysteries are Dangerously Sexy 

          “People think cheating is an action like sleeping with someone, kissing someone or whatever. Wrong. Very wrong. Cheating is when you feel the pressure of being faithful to someone because of someone else. When you suddenly realize there’s an option. That realization is cheating.”

          “Some people will burn your world into ashes and yet the smoke from the singe would still be in love with them,”

          “Fear is the most prized illusion we create for ourselves, dear. Never be afraid of such louts. They feed on our fear,”

          “We presume that with love comes exclusivity. Since we presume it, we believe it even more strongly. With love comes only one thing: honesty. And honesty is different from loyalty. Most of us never get this difference. Most of us never remain happy in a relationship either.”

          "Life kills you more acutely than death."

          "A saved relationship is no relationship, after all. "

          "We all have this special talent for hiding a truth by adding layers of lies on to it."

          "When you are attached to one and attracted to another, then one’s truth becomes the other’s lie as long as you keep the truth away from each other."

          "I still don’t know why I chose her over you. I was so happy with you. Maybe I was happy with you but I wasn't happy with us. Those are two different things. People jump into a relationship when they experience the former."

          "A break-up doesn't necessarily end the love two people have for each other. In fact some love stories never end. They only end something within the people involved.” 

Forget Me Not, Stranger 

          “Does love end when a relationship ends? Or does a relationship end because love has ended?"

          "When you had me, you never needed me. Now when you can’t have me, you shouldn't need me.” 

          “Forever: the root of all flowery assumptions in a love story.” 

A Thing Beyond Forever 

          “He was smiling! That was it; her actual sunrise. It lit the candles of answers to every query of her life."

          "Having wings is one thing and flying another. Having eyes is one thing and dreaming another. Having a heart is one thing and falling in love, quite another."

          "Destiny is the root of all limitations and a dream is the seed for all liberation." 

          "How can I comfort anyone with words of hope when I am myself empty of it?"

          "Seriously I do have something to tell God: It’s tough to be God, I know, but mind you it’s tougher to be human in this crazy fucking world of yours."

          "No one asked me or forced me not to hug happiness but I consciously chose to sleep with pain."

          "But I am helpless…you are helpless…we are helpless…the world is helpless and even help is helpless."

          "It’s not about reaching the edge, it’s about the jump. A jump for onetime-the fall of a lifetime."

          "Isn't it better to lie and encourage a significant construction than to speak the truth and witness destruction?"

          "The times that go away at the blink of an eye are actually the times which eventually get placed inside the safe of our most treasured memories."

          "Life is no movie where we need to necessarily get all things right by the end."

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