• "Kate is my favorite bad habit. The impossible wish. The dream I can't shake."
  • "There's something comforting about that thought. About coming home to Brody. To Stonebrook Farm. If I focus on the feeling, the summer I have ahead of me actually feels easy."
  • "On the surface, it looks like they're all their own tree, but underneath the ground, their roots are entwined and connected, lending strength and support to whoever needs it most."
  • "There are never any guarantees, Kate. Not in life, certainly not in love. But that doesn't mean you can't believe a love like that is possible, even hope for it. I'm willing to bet the people who do find it are the ones who always believed they would."
  • “I'm a boat without an anchor. I used to love that sense of freedom, the ability to go wherever I please, but suddenly it feels like I'm missing my compass, too.
    If there's nothing to hold me steady, and nothing to show me where I need to go, how am I supposed to feel anything but lost?”
  • “Life happens. People die. We screw up. People betray us, lie to us, leave us, break our hearts. But call me an optimist, I'd rather believe the good can still happen. That the right love can endure any hardship.”
  • "Never stop talking to the normal people in your life-the people who aren't famous. They're the only ones who will keep you grounded.”
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