Assigning specific book genres to each month can be a fun and subjective exercise, offering variety and thematic alignment with different seasons or moods. Here's a suggested list, but keep in mind that individual preferences may vary:

  1. January - Self-Improvement:
    • Start the year with books on personal development, goal-setting, and positive habits to align with New Year resolutions.
  2. February - Romance:
    • Given Valentine's Day, it's fitting to indulge in romance novels or books exploring themes of love and relationships.
  3. March - Historical Fiction:
    • Explore the past with historical fiction, gaining insights into different eras and cultures.
  4. April - Mystery/Thriller:
    • With longer days and a hint of suspense in the air, dive into mysteries and thrillers.
  5. May - Nature and Travel:
    • As spring blooms, enjoy books that celebrate nature or explore travel destinations.
  6. June - Coming-of-Age:
    • Embrace stories of growth and self-discovery, reflecting the transition from spring to summer.
  7. July - Adventure:
    • Summer is a great time for adventurous tales, whether they involve travel, exploration, or daring escapades.
  8. August - Science Fiction/Fantasy:
    • Explore otherworldly realms or futuristic landscapes during the warm days of summer.
  9. September - Back-to-School and Education:
    • Transition into fall with books on education, learning, or academic themes.
  10. October - Horror:
    • As Halloween approaches, immerse yourself in spine-chilling horror novels.
  11. November - Historical Non-Fiction:
    • Engage with real-world history through non-fiction works, gaining knowledge and perspective.
  12. December - Classics and Holiday Stories:
    • Wrap up the year with timeless classics or festive holiday reads.

Remember, these suggestions are just a starting point, and you can adjust the genres based on your personal preferences and seasonal vibes. Reading is a personal journey, so feel free to explore genres that resonate with you at any time of the year.

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