Get ready to snuggle up in your comfiest blanket and prepare a warm cup of your favorite beverage, because we're about to immerse ourselves in the enchanting realm of Japan – all through the power of language.
Have you ever wondered, 'How can I become an expert on Japan without actually travelling there?' Well, I've woven together a charming collection of novels and essential reads straight from the captivating Land of the Rising Sun. After all, what better approach to familiarize yourself with a culture than through its captivating narratives?

  • Sweet Bean Paste

  • Ikigai

  • The Book Of Ichigo Ichie

  • Before The Coffee Gets Cold (Book 1)

  • Before The Coffee Gets Cold (Book 2) (Review Soon)

  • Before Your Memory Fades (Book 3)

  • Before We Say Goodbye (Book 4) (Review Soon)

  • The Ikigai Journey 

  • How Do You Live? 

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